Rules & Regulations

Rules & Regulations


  • Every student of the college is informed that under the orders of Hon’ble Supreme Court & the rules framed by the university, ragging is completely prohibited. Any student found involved in ragging will be summarily expelled from the college & legal proceedings under criminal law shall be initiated against her.
  • Prepare nurses who can make independFurther, an affidavit has to be given by the student and his parents/local guardian that she will not indulge in ragging at the time her admission & thereafter during her tenure of the course


  • Immediately after assembly of the class the roll will be called and absence of any student noted. Any student misbehaving in the class be reported to the Principal for further necessary action
  • Students are not permitted to remain in the lecture room except at the prescribed hours of the lectures
  • Mobile phones are not allowed inside the college campus & classroom
  • Students shall attend their classes in proper uniform as prescribed by INC


  • The student will not be entitled for any kind of leave except prescribed vacations.
  • Students or parents should not approach the Principal or Director for any leave except the leaves sanctioned by the Principal
  • No leave will be granted when examination is due
  • In all classes leave will be at the students own risk so far as the percentage of attendance is concerned & even medical certificate will not be condone a deficiency in attendance for a university examination
  • Students must not leave the station without the permission of the Principal

Note:- No leave will be sanctioned to the students for the family functions. Parents are requested not to encourage their wards to avail unnecessary leaves except the college vacations.

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Student Desk


  • Students are not allowed to take into the examination hall textbooks, notes or manuscript of any kind
  • Any student found infringing the rules or having resource to unfair means will be expelled from the examination & the matter reported to the Principal for taking further action


  • Students are forbidden to address any higher authority direct. Any communication intended for such higher authority must be submitted through the Principal who will forward it, if he/she considered it desirable. It will not be binding upon Principal that he/she must forward all such applications.
  • Every student desirous of addressing the Principal by letter must do so separately. Joint applications are entirely prohibited & will not receive attention
  • Any student wishing to make a representation on any subject has the right to direct access to Principal during the College hours
  • The Principal/Professors & the staff are accessible for the consideration of difficulties & grievances of student and will be always pleased to hear them & give advice

Library Rules

  • There is a library maintained by the college for the student/ staff. The members of the library shall abide by the library rules, approved by the Principal from time to time available with college library

Hostel rules

  • Selected candidates have to reside in the Nurses Hostel during the training period & no relaxation shall be granted to live outside the hostel in any case (married/unmarried)
  • Selected candidates shall abide by the hostel rules & training schedule, failing which she shall be liable to be dismissed from the training without any notice
  • Outing will be given to the students on every alternate Saturdays
  • Mobile phones are not allowed in the college campus. Students should use the mobiles only in their hostel rooms.


  • Students are required to observe order & quietness at all times in the college
  • No game of any sort to be played during the hours allotted to lectures or the class
  • The students are supposed to pay for the boarding & lodging expenses for all the outside postings in the various super specialties; the clinical fees shall be paid by the college.
  • Smoking or the use of liquor within the college premises including hostel is prohibited, & the defaulter will be rusticated
  • All irregularities, neglect of duties & breach of discipline are to be brought to the notice of the Principal by the Professors/Readers under whom the students are working
  • In dealing with any offence in college/hostel, the Principal may decide whether it is to be met with any apology, verbal or written, or fine or suspension of scholarship or expulsion from the college/hostel
  • Principal is the competent authority to impose the fine to the candidate
  • The decision of the Principal in all cases shall be final
  • All students are required to wear prescribed dress code & use of gaudy dress is prohibited
  • All students must provide themselves with washable white coats which shall be worn while working in the college laboratories or hospital departments, with embodied or separate small name plate
  • No association can be formed in the college without prior permission of the head of institution
  • No student is permitted to write anything on the blackboard unless asked by the teachers to do so
  • Student should not take part in the politics
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